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How many months is the 75 Hr. IPATH Restorative Yoga Fundamentals course?

What's wonderful about online training, is you are the boss! You should plan your studies around Module 3, which is "live" with an IPATH Master Trainer. You can start at anytime. Module 3 training dates: Jan 16/17 2021 Apr 17/18 2021 Jul 17/18 2021 Oct 16/17 2021 Dec 11/12 2021 Module 4 is the case study module for certificaiton. That module would need to be completed 6 weeks after completing Module 3.

Which languages are available for the IPATH® training?

Currently English, Italian, and Spanish will be added in the Fall of 2021. The German translation will be added by January 2022. We are seeking Mastertrainers for Brazil to add Portuguese to our training. The online training consists of up to 60 YouTube study videos. These videos may be translated using the "google" translatioin button at the bottom of each video. We have recently added language tabs to our site

Can I purchase only Module 1?

Unfortunately it would be impossible to learn everything there is to know in order to teach The IPATH Restorative Yoga effectively in one module. We offer this course to healthcare professionals and expect there to be a certain amount of knowledge already known in anatomy and physiology. The foundation of this course is myofascial release techniques which are taught by many. Since IPATH begins with MFR, there is much more that the teacher would need to learn to comprehend the specifics of integral postual alignment techniques. IPATH Pilates, which is a 20 Hr. weekend course- you may begin your IPATH journey here.

What is IPATH®?

IPATH is an acronym for Integral Postural Alignment Techniques. The IPATH ®Method is the groundbreaking way to release chronic muscle contraction and retrain the posture and movement patterns that are causing pain. The secret to the success of IPATH’ing gives hope to so many pain sufferers, letting them know that they have the ability to relieve and eliminate their own pain through a gentle process of re-educating the nervous system and re-patterning the fascial system. We have adopted those principles adding pilates sequences. The IPATH® Method eliminates back/body pain with a sequence of unique poses. IPATH® Restoravtive Yoga releases using breathwork, props and gravity. IPATH ® Mat Pilates begins on the mat opening with the Heart Opener, and Soft Bridge poses using yoga blocks to create space for the body- then using core stability and strength exercises which focus on back body/core balance. The IPATH® Method's philosophy is to work mindfully with "hands-off" adjustments, along with stillness allowing the body to fall into total bliss while creating space, length and joint alignment.

Is there a discount if I pay for the course in full?

When you purchase the 75 Hr. Restorative Yoga Fundamental course for $850 USD, you save 25%, since each module if purchased individually is $250 USD.

Are there exams or tests ?

Yes. Module 1 and 2 both have final tests, passing results of 70% In Module 3, you will be expected to teach what was learned from Mod 1,2, and 3. There is an actual class you will be expected to teach in Mod 3. Mod 4 is completed with 1. Case Studies 2. Video class submissions 3. Final exam

Is this course accredited? And if so, how many years is the certification good for?

The IPATH Method is accredited with Yoga Alliance as IPATH Restorative Yoga. We have applied for NASM and ACE accreditation for the The IPATH Mat Pilates. IPATH II and the Master Trainer courses are accredited with Yoga Alliance. All IPATH® certifications never expire as long as each teacher is current with 40 cec,s within 2 years from the date of the first certification. To fulfill this requirement: 1. You would pay a $30. bi-annual renewel fee 2. 30 cec's (continuing education credits ) may be fulflled with fitness, yoga, or wellness programs, or with IPATH workshops or courses. After the first renewel, you will become R-IPATH teacher, which means you are up-to-date on renewel requirments.

Will I be expected to buy IPATH® decompression balls or other props?

That depends. Most independant teachers purchase IPATH® decompression balls to use with their students. Studios would expect to purchase them, as a necessary prop as well as yoga blocks. These props are essential to the lenghening, decompression, and alignment phases. All teachers and students are prohibited from using any other type of decompression ball in lieu of the IPATH® ball. We can not guarantee results otherwise. Teachers may retail the props to their students from our wholesale shop, or receive referral commision. Once certified, teachers have access to the Wholesale page, Teachers forum, and the Teachers Incentive page using a password.

How do I access the online training pages?

After you've paid your tuition, teachers would signup on the website at the TRAINING > ONLINE TRAINING tab. After being verified - you will be approved and will have access to the training site until you are certified. Once you have been verified, you may access the ONLINE TRAINING site from any device. Please, be aware you must use the same user name and password on all devices. Otherwise access will be denied otherwise.

Is there a manual for these courses?

Yes. The manual is a PDF doc. that you may printed. The manual is on the ONLINE training site. There is also an IPATH ®Restorative Yoga and IPATH® Mat Pilates cheatsheet to print out or download to use when teaching. The cheatsheet is available once you are certified.

What is a training Masterclass, and dates?

IPATH training Masterclasses are FREE 60 minute livestream meet and greet sessions offered to healthcare professionals. The Masterclass gives teachers and practictioners around the world an opportunity to feel the unique IPATH® release for themselves before taking the course. You get to meet and greet with an IPATH® Mastertrainer (an IPATH® teacher certified to train teachers for certification), there is Q&A, time and our demo sequence. Participants receive a training coupon. When you register for the Masterclass, you will receive your ZOOM link. register here 60 min Masterclass dates:USA 2021 3-4pm pm EST Jan 23 Mar 13 Jun 12 Aug 21 Oct 2 Masterclasses in Italy:

What are the training dates for 20 Hr. IPATH Pilates?

The IPATH Pilates teacher training dates: USA Nov 20-22 2020 Dec 18-20 2020 Feb 12-14 2021 Apr 2-4 2021 Jun 18-20 2021 Sep 10-11 2021 Nov 12-14 2021 It is a livestreem 20 hour weekend course. We have applied for NASM and ACE accreditation. The IPATH Pilates method uses myofascial release techniques, and spine strengthening exercises. click here to see the entire training curriculum>>

What is an IPATH® Mastertrainer?

Becoming an IPATH® Mastertrainer is an opportunity profoundly increase your knowledge while generating tiered income. In addition to teaching workshops, retreat, and studio levels; you will acquire skills to become an international presenter. As an IPATH® Masterteachers you will lead your own IPATH teacher training course curriculums and certify healthcare professionals. requirments: to be R-IPATH status (a registered IPATH teacher who has completed CE requirements and up to date bi-annual renewel $30.00 certification fee.) IPATH® Foundations Certification, IPATH® II and IPATH® Mat Pilates. This training track usually takes about 1.5 years to complete from the date of the first IPATH certifiction. GET STARTED WITH YOUR MODULES NOW

What is Module 1 about?

Module 1 Body Mapping 20 hrs Techniques, Training & Practice 2 hrs I Anatomy 8 hrs I Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics 5 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs What is fascia? How Myofascial release techniques release pain Identifying typical myofascial hiding spots How tight fascial limits and restricts the body/how to access it What is tensegrity and how it relates to IPATH? What is Chronic Pain How to assess body alignment Test click her to see the entire curriculum >>

What is Module 2 about?

Module 2 Biomechanics Of Movement 20 hrs Anatomy & Physiology 10 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs I Anatomy & Physiology 5 hrs Posture with breathwork & Subtle Body Skeletal System The symmetrical body & fourth chakra Joint Motions defined Common imbalances Vitruvian philosophy How to support an imbalance body Test click here to see the entire training curriculum

What is Module 3 about ?

Module 3 Sequencing Integral Postural Alignment Techniques 20 hrs ( Livestream/ offered 6 times per year) Techniques, Training & Practice 15 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs The IPATH approach to pain management with 5 poses Learn verbal cues IPATH and 5 Koshas Block Placement - body assessment Breathwork with awareness to opening Heart Opener / Halo / Hammock/ Soft Bridge Restorative poses: Somatic IPATH decompression ball - 3 postural trigger points Practicum with a live class on Zoom

What is Module 4 about?

Module 4 Applied Teaching Case Studies for Certification 15 hrs Techniques, Training & Practice 10 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs 60 - 75 minute class sequence and development for private/group classes Study effects of transformation Group and client case study practicum Group and client case study class practicum click here to see the entire training curriculum

Why IPATH® Pilates? What's it all about?

Integral Postural Alignment Techniques, was actually created with pilates students in mind. We decided to take a step back, when we realized many postural issues in pilates classes began with poor stability awareness and poor postural disfunction. After numerous case studies, the integrity of myofascial release along with slow deep somatic positions was the answer to mindful movement. Many of the foundational positions are yoga poses. Yoga and Pilates have always been complimentary practices. Yoga goes to the root of our foundation, which is why taking a step back meant restorative yoga. After the client/student works through postural issues and realignment, lengthening the body, it is then the muscles, joints and bones are prepared for strength and stability work. We highly recommend doing IPATH Restoartive Yoga before emarking on to IPATH Pilates. Teachers tuition $325.00 USD 20 hr. Live weekend course

Has anyone failed this course?

No, though there are some who have decided or not able to finish the course.

Is it necessary to renew my IPATH® certification?

Your IPATH® certification is valid for 2 years. If you would like to renew your certification you would need to complete 30 CE credits. CE- continuing education credits can be obtained from any continuing education provider who offers workshops, training courses, lectures, etc. You may also use any IPATH® method courses and webinars to maintain your cec’s. You also would need to complete 40 teaching hours within two years from the first date of certification, and a bi-annual $35.00 renewal fee. You will be registered as R-IPATH teacher. To maintain the R-IPATH teacher status, you would only need to renew bi-annually once, using the first date of certification. For example; You were certified in March 2019 for IPATH®® Restorative and completed IPATH Mat Pilates in December 2020. You will need to renew your IPATH® certification by March 31, 2021, to satisfy the renewal requirements, and won’t have to renew until March 2023. In this example, the IPATH® Mat Pilates covers 15 cec’s, and you would need another 15 along with a total of 40 IPATH® teaching hours. This renewal will automatically fulfill the IPATH® Mat Pilates cec requirements, and any other IPATH ®certification course. 75 hr IPATH® Restorative Yoga cec = 40 20 hr IPATH® Mat Pialtes cec = 15 25 hr IPATH® II, deeper injuries/pathology & IPATH prenatal cec = 20 30 hr IPATH ®Mastertrainer course cec = 25

How do I enroll in the teachers incentive plan?

We use the incentive program for teachers’ referring products. You can receive monthly incentive dollars from $3.00 (1 set of IPATH balls) up to $10 based on total spent per purchase, this is an option for teachers who prefer not to wholesale products and ship them out. If you refer your students to purchase products they also would receive a 15% discount on their purchase. For this to work all you would need to do is...
“Mrs. Jones, happy to help you with IPATH but you will need to purchase the blocks and the IPATH decompression balls. Please use my name in the promo code box when you check out. You’ll receive my discount.” DONE! Your student will be thrilled because you offered your discount and you will receive an incentive $$ based on the amount. This is paid out at the end of each month. You will need to send The IPATH Method and invoice for payment. To register just email subject: enroll me in teachers’ incentive program.

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The IPATH ® Method, Integral Postural Alignment Techniques is proud to be accredited with Yoga as an approved Contiued Education Provider.